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To Thrive In Programmatic's 3rd Epoch, We Must Rethink Partners And The Tech Layer

· Strategy,MarTech,Ad Tech,Programmatic,Digital Revenue

Everything in technology, and by extension in adtech and martech, is cyclical. To operate successfully in the space, it's important to understand what part of the cycle you're currently in and which underlying industry macro trends are impacting your day to day. Seeing the forest for the trees may not be an easy task if you've focused on just one side of the ecosystem.

Our very own Maja Milicevic, Sparrow principal and co-founder, breaks down the Three Programmatic Epochs and offers advice on how to thrive in the current, third one which you can read in full in her column for AdExchanger.

Some high-level highlights:

- Programatic advertising, at roughly 15 years of 'age', is transitioning from emerging to core technology

- We're now entering a period of maturing, consolidation, and regulatory interest.

- The deprecation of third-party cookies, continued spend consolidation with walled gardens, and regulatory efforts like GDPR and CCPA are all converging and driving much needed changes, taking us from the wild west era of Epoch 2, to hopefully calmer waters of Epoch 3 (but not without some casualties along the way).


Read the full piece here.