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Podcast: Ana Milicevic guests on AdExchanger's Social Distancing with Friends

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"I am inside a closet" is how our co-founder, Ana Milicevic, chose to start this podcast episode (she wasn't joking: that's her #1 tip/trick for recording high-quality audio outside of an actual studio). Ana spoke with AdExchanger's Alison Weissbrot on how we're approaching pandemic-mitigation, what we're advising our clients, and the general outlook post-pandemic.

A couple of highlights:

- Sparrow was built to be location agnostic so for us, our teams, and our partners working from home offices (or in Ana's case home closets) is the normal way of working; yet for some of our clients this was the first push to full remote, and some have discovered their digital transformation efforts leave much to be desired.

- While much is in flux right now, a good strategy when crisis hits is to look towards things you can control. For our clients and prospects this means evaluating their current tech stack and vendor choices, laying out their data strategies, preemptively re-organizing teams, and doubling down on other long-term projects. The challenge is usually how/where to find the funds short-term to enable longer-term action.

- The good news is that we're all in this together. Now is the time to be kind to your colleagues and business partners and collaborate on how to best come out on the other end.

We're big fans of this podcast series and hope that this style of interview continues after the pandemic. You can catch the full interview here or over on AdExchanger.