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Video with LUMA Partners' Terry Kawaja:

Ad Tech and MarTech industry consolidation

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Our co-founder Ana Milicevic recently joined Terry Kawaja of Luma Partners (the folks responsible for Lumascapes) in Luma's weekly WFH series. In this episode, they discuss the state of adtech and martech industry consolidation and the effects Covid19 will have on the underlying trends.

Ana and Terry compare their notes on what part of the maturity cycle we're in in 2020, and Ana dives into out Three Epochs framework for programmatic and digital advertising (it's not much of a spoiler to tell you that we're in the 3rd epoch now). The Third Programmatic Epoch is bookmarked by IPOs, increased public and regulatory scrutiny, finding alternatives to the duopoly, and re-imagining advertising in a world without third party cookies.

Some other key takeaways from this session:

- Covid 19 will accelerate underlying trends of maturity and consolidation/accelerate capitulations

- short term pain with companies fighting to stay in business

- mid and long term optimistic outlook with a stronger ecosystem emerging on the other side

- caution in terms of time needed to get to pre-Covid advertising spend levels (18-24 months)

You can watch the full session below:

Dig deeper into our Epochs framework here.