• The Sparrow playbook for Media Companies

    Adapt to shifting consumer behavior and act like a digital native

    Media companies face an accelerating shift in consumer behavior. Whether you're a legacy cable TV network or an emerging e-sports streamer, Sparrow can help you map out and navigate digital challenges. From choosing the right adtech and martech stack, creating a data strategy across all of your systems beyond just media activation, leveraging first party data in preparation for the cookie-less world, managing subscription tiers, training and education of your sales and client facing teams, to creating a new revenue line of advertising business - we can help you address the challenges of digitalization.

    We recommend:

    - Data strategy

    - The ideal Adtech and Martech stack

    - Vendor selection

    - Sales acceleration: team design, training, coaching and education

    - Digital transformation

    - Incubating a new digital media business

    - Interim and fractional head of digital/data/sales

    - Audience acquisition

    - Plug-and-play teams

    - Go-to-market, positioning and packaging

    - Programmatic and direct sales

    - Building a first-party data business

    - Buyer strategy evaluation and review

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