• How we Engage

    The right expertise extending your teams at every stage and for every type of business challenge.


    Hands-on Principals

    All our engagements have a hands-on executive sponsor from our end; and often a Sparrow principal is the only person on our team you’ll interact with. We know you’re working with us because of our expertise and structure our engagements so we maximize the time you spend with our most experienced leaders.


    Core Services

    Our flock: tiger teams who support day-to-day operations, from project managers, through designers to a rapid prototyping team.



    Network of Experts

    We operate a vetted, private network of experts across the globe that can be tapped for specific in-sector expertise, to quickly answer a key question, or to help execute a project. From current and former C-level execs at public and private companies through to expert practitioners, it’s not just about access: we’ve developed methods and frameworks to ensure that this type of expertise can readily be applied to your business challenges.