• The Sparrow playbook for Technology Companies

    Your partners for every stage: from start-ups to mature organizations

    As a management consultancy, Sparrow is unique because our principals and team are operators ourselves. Having led start-up teams as well as mature orgs, we understand that in order to succeed you have to have a combination of sound strategy and also a strong execution arm. We offer both of these in our practice, allowing our clients to tap into our strategic and go-to-market modes, as well as designated teams to help enhance and accelerate your own teams in the short term. We become an extension of your team and operate rapidly to gather the necessary inputs to proceed with developing desired deliverables and recommendations. Through our proprietary build > operate > transfer framework we ensure that your teams get the maximum benefit of our experience, build institutional knowledge, while ensuring minimal impact on their day-to-day activities.


    Our holistic approach across technology, people, and process will help accelerate your overall GTM and enable for rapid iterations based on market feedback. Our neutrality will ensure that you always have unbiased advice and guidance for key strategic and operational decisions.

    We recommend:

    - Go-to-market strategy and execution

    - Product localization/verticalization

    - Commercialization

    - Interim Chief Revenue Officer/Sales Leadership

    - Interim Chief Product Officer/Chief Strategy Officer

    - Plug-and-play teams on demand

    - Build/buy/partner analysis

    - M&A framework, business and technical due diligence

    - Neutral, independent advisory

    - Organizational design and hiring

    - Coaching

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